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Just Scan and Skip the Queue Confusions

Just Scan and Skip the Queue Confusions!

A QR Code Queue System simplifies waiting for many businesses such as retail shops, restaurants, government offices, hospitals, and clinics. When customers scan the QR code at the entrance, the business receives an alert, and the customer is placed in a virtual queue. Then, customers can wait in their vehicle or outside while their phone displays the current queue status and an estimated wait time. When it's their turn, they get an SMS, email, or WhatsApp text telling them to enter the premises. Significantly, it helps businesses control the flow of people, making sure the environment is safer and more organized.

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Functionalities of QR Code Queue System

QR Generation and Smooth Check-in

QR Generation and Smooth Check-in

The system generates unique QR codes for each customer or participant in the queue. So they can check in on their own by scanning the QR code using a mobile device.

Notification System

Notification System

Customers will get alerts on their mobile when it is their turn, which means they don't have to physically wait in line.

Integration with Other Solutions

Integration with Other Solutions

Our system enables integration with other systems, such as CRM and accounting systems, to improve efficiency.

Remote Queue Monitoring

Remote Queue Monitoring

Staff can keep an eye on the queue from a distance, enabling them to make any necessary adjustments or offer assistance as required.

Security and Authentication

Security and Authentication

Our QR code queue solution has a secure authentication mechanism to prevent unauthorized access to the customer queue data.

Text Messaging via WhatsApp Integration

Text Messaging via WhatsApp Integration

Our system offers WhatsApp integration to inform your customers. It automatically sends text messages on WhatsApp when their turn arrives or when any changes to the appointments.

Advantages of QR Queuing System

Easy to use qr code

Easy & Simple to Operate

  • QR queuing system has a user-friendly interface, making it easy for employees to operate the system without training.
  • Businesses can quickly set up and start using the system without any trouble.
  • The simplicity of QR codes ensures that the queuing process is accessible to a wider range of users.
Reduce long waiting

Get Rid of Long Waitings

  • The system eliminates the need for standing in long physical lines. Customers can easily secure their spot in a virtual queue through QR codes.
  • Customers can use their time more effectively, knowing when to return for service instead of waiting in line. The system automatically notifies them when it's their turn.
  • Businesses can adjust their staff and resources based on real-time data from the queuing system.
Analytic services QR Code Queue

Analytic Services

  • Our system provides analytics on different aspects to analyze and optimize business operations.
  • You can analyze user interactions with the QR queuing system, which helps to gain insights into customer preferences.
  • Businesses can readily identify areas for improvement in the queuing process, resulting in better staff allocation & heightened customer satisfaction.
Customer feedback system QR queuing system

Customer Feedback System

  • Our QR code queue management software allows customers to provide feedback in real time, providing businesses with immediate insights into their service quality.
  • The continuous feedback process allows businesses to make timely adjustments based on customer preferences.
  • Actively responding to feedback through the QR queuing system contributes to higher levels of customer loyalty.


  • QR queue management systems can be customized to align with a business's branding.
  • Customization extends to integrating the QR queuing system with existing business systems, providing a seamless end-to-end solution.
  • Businesses can tailor the queuing process to meet their specific needs, ensuring a customized and relevant experience for their customers.


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Why Qwaiting?

Qwaiting is a solution that helps businesses to overcome various challenges such as long customer wait times, managing crowded spaces, and inefficient queuing processes. This software is ideal for queue management and reducing the overall customer wait time.

We provide the most suitable queuing solution that helps you manage your business operations effectively in every aspect. Improve customer experience, get satisfying outcomes, and control workflow efficiently. You can take your business to the peak with us.

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Qwaiting has made my life so much easier! It simplifies the waiting process, saving time and reducing frustration. The overall experience is great and up to the mark. Thanks to the team!


Thanks to Rohit and his team for making this wonderful software. Not only me but our customers also loved it. As they are able to join a virtual queue and get updates on their wait time via text message.


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