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Let Team Qwaiting help you create a customer experience that delights. We can help you to understand the customer behavior and will recommend strategies to improve the footfall, with detailed steps on how you can implement your automated queue management solution. We are a global leader in queue management systems and provide the best value to end-users throughout the world.

Our customers include small, medium, and large retailers and service organizations. We provide the largest network of local partners ready to help our customers throughout the world and will implement efficient, cost-effective, queue management solutions.

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Benefits of Partnering with Us are Far-Reaching: How?

We have a solution that is widely adopted and trusted by thousands of companies. Our queue management systems offer more control with less staff intervention, improving efficiency, productivity, and profitability. We believe every interaction is an opportunity to create a positive impact on the customer experience. By partnering with us, you’re able to:

  • Early access to business growth
  • Add value to a product or service with our smart solution
  • Access a range of advanced and cutting-edge tools
  • Improve customer service and gain a competitive edge
  • Experience long-term customer loyalty and revenue stream
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Why should you rely on us?

  • We know exactly what it takes to start and grow business
  • Deliver bespoke, integrated queuing solutions
  • Analyze key trends and performance metrics
  • Improved profit margins with the user-centric strategy



The number speaks itself



years of experience in serving customers effectively



Manages customer journeys annually with Qwaiting solutions



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130+ Partners

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  • require an innovative and reliable business partner?
  • crave for a delightful customer journey?

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We are a leading provider of queue management solutions that solve multiple, complex business problems for companies. Businesses from more than 120+ countries around the world use Qwaiting to improve their customer journey.

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