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Student Queue System for efficient management

Students being occupied with their studies and class schedules often find it challenging to waste time waiting in a queue outside administrative offices, libraries, cafeterias, or fee departments. Our smart system provides students the versatility and comfort to obtain these services without any trouble. Qwaiting is a specially designed system for the educational sector that gives students and the staff the ability to manage all the activities smoothly, through digital signage displays, or self-help kiosks. Schedule your 14-day free trial today!

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How Student Queue Management System Work?

  • Students can join the queue using their phones through the college website or app.
  • A token will be generated highlighting all the required information like estimated wait time, their unique queue no. and students waiting ahead of them. Queue Status can be tracked on a real-time basis.
  • They will receive a reminder notification once they are next in line to be served.
  • Service is delivered safely and comfortably.
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Features Highlights

How will Qwaiting benefit the students and staff members?

Better administration
Reduce waiting time
Clear instructions
Social distancing Protocols will be implemented
Improve staff productivity & Performance
Improves Brand Perception

How It Works

step 1

Student will scan the QR Code

step 2

An SMS will be sent to you and register them as next in the line

step 3

A notification alert will be sent to them when their turn is next. They will arrive right on time to be served

Qwaiting Queue Management system also providers various kiosk models to choose from depending on your needs such ,24 32inch Kiosks for public sectors, and small kiosks for small branches with limited space.

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