Privacy Policy

Qwaiting collectively is dedicated to safeguarding your privacy. This privacy notice explains how Qwaiting uses and saves your personal data in its database. Qwaiting's terms and conditions determine what Personal Data is gathered and for what purposes we use it. It also outlines your options for using, getting access to, and making changes to your personal data.

  • Contact Us For Any Queries

    You can get in touch with if you have any inquiries about the website's content, privacy policy, or any terms and conditions.
  • Personal Data That Qwaiting Collects

    Qwaiting understands the value of safeguarding the privacy of any information we gather from you. This policy serves to inform you of how Qwaiting handles any personal data about you obtained from our website, interaction with our content, or other sources. Our privacy policies are in compliance with GDPR, and we promise to treat any personal information you submit to us with the utmost care.
  • Information Collected With the Cookies

    • IP-address
    • Your browser and device type
    • The URL, if any, of the page you were on that directed you to the Qwaiting website, or the search terms, if any, you used to find our website
    • Analysis of data you send or receive online through a website feature.
    • Web page response time
    • Duration of visits to specific pages
    • Download mistakes
    • Information about page interaction like clicks, scrolling, etc.
    • Ways you used to abandon the web page.
  • How Qwaiting Use Data Collected Via Cookies?

    • Session cookies to track users' preferences.
    • Enhancing and tailoring your website experience to your particular browser and device type.
    • Analysis of the website's usage by its users to enhance user experience with customized data.
    • Modifying the material to reflect the website users' search phrases and browsing behavior.
  • Information Collected From Online Forums, Newsletters, or Registration Forms

    You should be aware that any information you enter into any publicly accessible community forums or blogs run by Qwaiting, as well as any forms you submit on our website, may be seen, collected, and used by others. Additionally, we might gather:
    • Company details such as its name, size, and industry.
    • A brief biography of you that serves as proof that you are the post's author.
    • Information that can be used to contact you, such as your name, phone number, address, or email. When you sign up for our emails, we may gather your email address so that we can send you our newsletters.
  • Data We Collect on the Website Via Events

    We may gather your contact information, including your name, email address, company name, and position, whenever you participate in a Qwaiting event, including webinars or seminars.

    Under this Notice, Qwaiting will use such information, including without restriction, to:

    • Evaluate the needs of your company to regulate or recommend appropriate Services(s).
    • Send you marketing and promotional materials.
    • Send you the details about the Service you requested.
    • Answer your queries and address your worries.

    Sharing of Your Personal Information

    Your personal information may also be shared in the following ways:

    Qwaiting provides you with services through third-party integration. The sub-processors are tasked with handling customer accounts and data as logically necessary to provide the service (s). It will be addressed in their terms and conditions agreements in the form of responsibilities.

    • For example, third-party payment processors who manage your credit card and other payment information for Qwaiting but who are not permitted to keep, use, or store that information.
    • Including websites, social media platforms, and third-party advertising networks.
    • The right receivers incorporate these transfers in their service agreements, and we take the necessary precautions to ensure that your Data is protected under this Privacy Notice. On request, additional information will be provided.
  • Your General Rights

    You can "unsubscribe" receiving notifications and alerts for marketing communication from us anytime you wish. If you want to entirely opt-out, please get in touch with us using the information above.

    Please get in touch at if you want us to remove your information from our database. We will react in the shortest time possible.


    Your comments, reviews, and testimonials may be published on our Qwaiting website and may include your personal information. Before publishing any testimonials, we will get your permission. Please email us at if you want to have any queries or want your testimonial deleted.

  • Legal Notice.

    We manage the right to reveal any personal information contained in service data and collected data following the law. It is a recognition of the rightful demands made by public authorities, such as those related to addressing legal or security needs.

    You should not send Qwaiting any private or proprietary information over our website. Please be aware that Qwaiting will not consider any confidential information or materials you send. You agree that Qwaiting is free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how, or methods you offer us for any reason and grant Qwaiting an unrestricted, irrevocable license to use, reproduce, display, perform, alter, transmit, and distribute any information or material you send us.

    The customer's account and service data may be one of the assets transferred if Qwaiting undergoes corporate expansion, such as an acquisition, merger, or purchase by another company. Any modifications will be disclosed in a more detailed notice on our website. will send an email with the notification.

  • Amendments

    Any changes to this statement will be posted at this URL and will become effective there. If we make any significant changes, we'll let you know by posting a comment on this website before the change takes effect and, inform you via email if you're a Qwaiting customer. Given, if we alter the notice to promptly perform inserts, deletions, or changes to the cookies to maintain the record of cookies as current and legitimate, we won't notify you. It would be beneficial if you frequently check this notice for updates. When we post any improvements, changes, or modifications to this notice, you must continue using our service(s) or website, as usual, to comply with the acceptance of this notice amendment.

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