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SSO (Single Sign On)

Office 365
Microsoft 365 lets clients create, edit, and share documents, collaborate in real-time, communicate effectively, and access files from anywhere on any device. Qwaiting integrates with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, and Outlook. This smooth integration with Microsoft 365 makes multiple logins unnecessary.
Enjoy user authentication and access management that is safe and simple with Okta. Qwaiting integration with Okta streamlines identity management and enables single sign-on (SSO) due to its user-friendly interface and extensive capabilities. It also enhances security with multi-factor authentication (MFA).
You can implement and enforce single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) across all your SAML and OIDC-based apps with JumpCloud. This integration of Qwaitng will protect access while also simplifying the login process.
Google Authenticator
Qwaiting works with Google Authenticator, which gives user accounts an extra layer of security. By signing up on the interface, clients can make one-time passwords that change based on time (TOTPs). Make your accounts safer and harder for unauthorized people to access so you can use them confidently.

SMS/ Notifications API

Qwaiting integration enables the voice, messaging, and video capabilities in the Twilio application. This application can readily incorporate communication features such as SMS notifications, voice calls, and video conferencing.
Qwaiting works with Kaleyra to help you engage with consumers through customizable messaging, chatbots, and programmable audio services. Kaleyra with Qwaiting can help you convert customers across media with automated and targeted messaging.
One Way SMS
It allows you to send SMS to customers, making it quick and effective to distribute vital information, marketing materials, updates, and notifications. Integration of qwaiting with this tool allows you to instantly and effectively reach many recipients, delivering timely and focused communication.
With Sinch integration you can easily incorporate real-time communication like voice and video chat. This seamless integration allows you to increase customer engagement and communication through APIs for phone calls, text messages, and live video chats.
The integration of WhatsApp with Qwaiting enables you to send customers digital tickets, giving them real-time wait times. It also maintains communication with customers during their journey.
Voice, SMS, and chat message integration can boost client engagement. Qwaiting works with Unifonic's APIs and tools to deliver personalized and timely consumer communication experiences.
Google's email service lets you send and receive emails, organize inboxes with labels and filters, and use web & mobile apps on numerous platforms. All of the above functionalities are available due to Qwaiting's interaction with Gmail.
Qwaiting's seamless integration with Slack enables a central workspace where teams can talk, share files, and use third-party apps, enabling organizational communication and collaboration. Instant chat, file sharing, video conferencing, and searchable archives boost teamwork, productivity, and remote collaboration.

HIS (Hospital Information System)

Qwaiting integrates with Plato enabling you to automate the work of individuals at your medical practice. It helps to simplify scheduling and patient registration, create medical records, and spend less time on medical billing.
Elite Plus
Elite Plus is an Enterprise Clinical Information System with seamless integration of Patient management information through Electronic Patient Records. Qwaiting smooth work with Elite Plus enables you to shorten patient wait times and create a pleasant hospital environment.

Integrating a Sales Force booking system with a Qwaiting can streamline and optimize the booking process, customer management, and resource allocation. This integration can lead to improved customer experiences and more efficient operations. Here's an overview of the process and potential benefits:

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