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Key Features

Customized Content Design Template

Customized Content Design Template

Our Digital Signage solutions provide pre-designed templates to simplify content creation for you with varying design skills. It can comfortably manage small to large signage networks with thousands of display screens as per business & customer demands.

Manage Content

Manage Content

Content management allows you to easily create, edit, and supervise content for your screens from one organized platform. It also allows you to upload multiple images, videos, animations, and real-time information.

Support All Media Formats

Support All Media Formats

Our best digital signage software supports common video and image formats such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, MP3, & MP4, ensuring easy media compatibility. The flexibility of the system allows for easy integration and gives you the freedom to create engaging and multimedia-rich displays.

Audible Ticket Announcements

Audible Ticket Announcements

The Voice announcement feature allows you to set up an audio announcement to be played on your digital signage system for specific tickets that meet your predefined criteria.

Alignment with Brand Guidelines

Alignment with Brand Guidelines

Our digital signage system enhances your brand identity, creating strong brand guidelines to build positive relations and communicate effectively with your customers.

#1 Cloud-Based Queue Management System

Shorter your customer wait time with #1 Cloud-Based Queue Management Software Today! Our queue management software helps businesses enhance your productivity and reputation by satisfying your customers.

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Benefits of Using The Digital Signage

  • 01
    Clear Communication

    Important information, updates, or instructions can be displayed clearly, assuring that customers are well-informed about the queue process and any other announcements.

  • 02
    Speed up the Transaction Process

    Queue management solutions can be integrated with digital signage to provide real-time updates on waiting times, service availability, and transaction progress.

  • 03
    Perfect Customer Experience

    Digital signage software provides accurate information that helps customers know their average waiting time for the service, which improves their customer experience.

  • 04
    Increased Customer Spending

    Strategically placed digital signage can be used to promote additional products or services. By displaying promotions, or other offerings, you can encourage customers to make extra purchases while waiting in line.

  • 05
    Advertising Revenue Opportunities

    Digital display software can be used as an advertising tool, allowing businesses to sell ad space to third parties. This additional revenue stream can offset the costs of integrating the solution.

  • 06
    Reduce Walkouts

    Clear communication and efficient queue management help prevent customer frustration and reduce the chances of walkouts.

Certified Displays and Software

Displays for Waiting Rooms

Displays for Waiting Rooms

  • These electronic screens are used for communication so real-time information can be easily passed on to customers in waiting rooms.
  • Digital signage can be mounted on walls, ceilings, or freestanding structures to ensure proper visibility to everyone in the waiting area.
  • Display sizes are available from 32 to 52 inches, offering flexibility for different spaces and applications.
  • You can showcase any type of content such as images, videos, and text form.
Displays at Counters

Displays at Counters

  • Counter screens are strategically placed at service counters to show the unique ticket number or other information to engage customers.
  • Streamlined user interface for easy operation at counters.
  • Enhances customer experience and facilitates communication.
Qwaiting Display Application

Qwaiting Display Application

  • A specific application for managing and displaying content in waiting areas.
  • It likely includes features such as queue management, displaying wait times, and providing other important information to individuals in the queue.
  • Customizable to showcase various types of content, maintaining customer engagement.
Voice Announcements

Voice Announcements

  • Utilizes audio output to communicate information to the audience.
  • Can be integrated with digital signage to provide verbal announcements or instructions.
  • Improves accessibility and ensures information reaches persons who may not be actively looking at the displays.
Trusted by 65K+ Customers Globally

We are a leading provider of queue management solutions that solve multiple, complex business problems for companies. Businesses from more than 120+ countries around the world use Qwaiting to improve their customer journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Digital Signage Solution?

Smart digital signage software helps to showcase images, videos, and information in various business premises like retail stores, restaurants, public spaces, etc.

How does Digital Signage benefit your businesses?

Digital Signage enhances communication with customers and boosts brand visibility in the eyes of the target audience. It allows your businesses to deliver promotions or queue information in real-time, which improves customer experience.

What types of information can be displayed on Digital Signage?

Digital Signage can display advertisements, real-time queue information, social media feeds, new product updates, and event schedules, offering businesses flexibility in their messaging.

Is Digital Signage suitable for my small business?

Yes, it is scalable and can be customized for your small business. It offers cost-effective advertising, helps in the efficient delivery of information, and can be easily managed through user-friendly software.

How do I manage and update content on Digital Signage?

Content management on digital signage can be done through a cloud-based platform. You can easily upload, schedule, and update content online using advanced software, ensuring real-time control and customization.

Engage your audience like never before with our vibrant and attention-grabbing displays that effectively convey your message with impact. Experience the strength of effective communication – embrace the future of signage with us.

Trusted by 65K+ Customers Globally

We are a leading provider of queue management solutions that solve multiple, complex business problems for companies. Businesses from more than 120+ countries around the world use Qwaiting to improve their customer journey.

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