COVID-19: Qwaiting's Commitment

No more waiting in long queues with Qwaiting, A queue management software.

To get through COVID-19, Qwaiting is here with a unique COVID-19 plan. It is imperative for businesses to assure the safety of their employees and customers. So, Qwaiting comes up with a contact-free and powerful queue system to escalate safety. Hire us for secure planned visits, SMS queuing, and online sign-ins.

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Why Choose Us

We are committed to keeping your business
safely open in COVID-19 quarantine and help to
enforce social distancing
Book Remotely

Book Remotely

Use our Qwaiting App and slow down the spreading process. Omit the waiting queues and allow your customers to book the appointments remotely.

Proscribing Impurities

Proscribing Impurities

As now, customers are using the app from the mobile devices to schedule their appointments, so, you are consolidating the touchless services. Their communication is only restricted with printed papers, buttons, and public screens.

Safety in 5 Mins

Safety in 5 Mins

You only have to get the best internet connection to use our solution. That's it!! Assure your business safety without any hardware requirements.

How It Works

01 Download Our App
Download Our App

Customers can book their appointments without visiting at your branch/ location through app.

02 Choose Vendor From List
Choose Vendor From List

Allow your customers to choose the location or branch of their choice to get the services.

03 Book Available Time Slot
Book Available Time Slot

Customers can schedule according to the available time-slots.

04 Manage Virtual Ticket
Manage Virtual Ticket

After booking, customers can cancel or update the virtual queue ticket as per their necessity.

Instant Alerts on Mobile
05 Token No
Instant Alerts on Mobile

Customers will get alerts on their mobile with the guidelines regarding the further process.

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