Security and Data Protection
Are Our First Priority

Qwaiting understands the concern of customers regarding their data privacy and security. It is a reputable brand and trustworthy solution that simplifies the journey of millions of customers each day. We ensure all the security measures to ensure corporate-level functioning with an assured performance, stability, and data security.

trustmark Detailed Monitoring and 24*7 Customer Support

We ensure performance and availability are in place. Qwaiting is available 24*7 for your help. We eliminate all hassles influencing your business efficiency, productivity, and overall growth. Our dedicated team of customer support and maintenance is available any time of the day or night to resolve any software failure or your queries regarding its functionality.

trustmark Secure Browsing

Every time you use the Qwaiting software, your sessions are secured with HTTPS surfing. You are provided an icon on the browser that suggests your data is secure.

trustmark Cloud-Based Database

We use strong password guidelines and authentication mechanisms to protect your account from security threats and breaches.

trustmark Staff Access Control

Qwaiting offers authorization to the account owners to have a certain level of access to use the repository. They can check data regarding their profiles. The permissions can be trusted as they ensure the users access limited data and features. All in all, data is secure.

trustmark Data Confidentiality

Qwaiting ensures no unauthorized access to any information without your consent. If Qwaiiting fails to function, our cloud database has all the data backup and we have a technical team to ensure the app begins to run in no time.

trustmark Security Testing

We use autonomous verification from outside security specialists to test the systems and their functioning. Our staff also performs internal security maintenance and reviews the procedures to make sure the information is secure.