Healthcare Queue Management System - Qwaiting

Streamline Your Hospital's Workflow with a Modern Check-in and patient management system

This system has effective features like smooth check-ins, queue management, and quick reminders or notifications.

Patient Check-in through the hospital Queue Management System

Patient Check-in:

  • Go for a walk-in or Online
  • Select: Kiosk or QR Code Scanner
  • Enter Required details
  • Generate unique ticket
Notify Patients

Notify Patients:

  • Update the waitlist via mobile or smart TV
  • The patient will receive an email or SMS
  • Notified when your turn comes
  • Get ready to avail the service
Give the Service

Give the Service:

  • Call the patient
  • Patient’s turn display on the screen and notification on mobile
  • Proceed for medical assistance
  • Served, and the ticket closed

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Features of Queue Management System in Hospital

Time Management

Time Management

Qwaiting helps manage time smartly by scheduling appointments, sending reminders, reducing wait times, and offering real-time updates about queues and actual waiting times.

Real-time Queue Updates

Real-time Queue Updates

Real-time monitoring in hospitals allows you to track staff performance, monitor patient traffic and activity across different branches of the hospital, and check waitlist status for improved management.

Online Appointment Booking

Online Appointment Booking

The Hospital Queue Management System allows patients to book appointments from anywhere and estimate the expected number of patients in a queue or when their turn comes.

Scan QR Code 

Scan QR Code 

The Healthcare Queue Management System saves money by allowing the use of QR codes in the hospital premises as per the requirement to ensure easy access.

Graphical Reporting

Graphical Reporting

Graphical reporting helps hospital owners analyze the overall weekly or monthly performance of staff and allows a better understanding of their duties, patient waiting & service times.

Data Collection

Data Collection

Data collection in an HQMS helps hospital owners make better decisions by optimizing patient flow, reducing wait times, enhancing staff allocation, recording details, and improving overall operational efficiency.

Benefits of Hospital Queue Management System

Hospital Queue Management System Support Integration Via APIs

Integration via APIs

  • Third-party integration with Hospital Information System APIs (Plato, Elite Plus)
  • Help to simplify patient registration, scheduling, records, and medical billing
  • Shortens patient wait times and creates a pleasant hospital environment
Customized Dashboard in Hospital Queue System


  • Allows customized dashboard
  • Manage to show advertisements or real-time analysis on digital signage and screens
  • Modify the admin panel according to your needs
user friendly

User Friendly 

  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Easily accessible in Android and IOS systems
  • Reduced administrative burden (by eliminating the manual token distribution process)
Enhanced Service Quality

Enhanced Service Quality

  • Serves quickly, saves time, and promotes efficiency
  • Enables Optimal Resource Utilization during  low & peak hours
  • Data-driven decision-making (such as adjusting staff schedules or optimizing resource allocation)
patient feedback

Patient Feedback 

  • Collect feedback and address every query for a better patient experience
  • Analyze patient feedback to take required actions for improved service quality
  • Patient satisfaction leads to a better reputation for the hospital


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Varied Applications of Our Healthcare Queue Management System



Helps to manage your hospital’s productivity by overcoming your staff's workload, gaining valuable insights into regular operations and managing patient flow efficiently.

test center

Test Centers

The Hospital Queue System helps test centers ease appointment scheduling, maintain social distancing, decrease wait times, and ensure effective & safe testing processes.



Healthcare Queue management systems streamline operations for veterinarians, manage animal appointments, and promote overall efficiency by improving veterinary hospital's service quality.



The hospital patient management software brings calm and structure for patients to navigate their way to lab appointments and enhances operational and staff efficiencies with smooth workflow. 



Clinic owners can manage long waiting lines by installing QWaiting at their place. It will help to notify your queue patients about their turn times so that they can manage their own time in other works rather than waiting in the clinic area. 



Patient Data Management Software in pharmacies streamlines patient flow, reduces wait times, enhances productivity, and optimizes staff efficiency through digital queue management and notifications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a healthcare queue management system improve patient satisfaction?

The healthcare queue management system improves patient satisfaction by reducing wait times, providing personalized care plans, and enhancing communication between healthcare providers and patients.

Is data security a priority for the queue management system?

Absolutely, the healthcare queuing system employs robust encryption protocols and complies with industry standards to ensure the utmost security of patient data.

Can QWaiting hospital queue management integrate with existing hospital systems?

Yes, seamless integration is a key feature of queue management software, ensuring compatibility with existing healthcare infrastructure. It can easily be integrated with existing hospital systems and third-party APIs to enhance its capabilities.

How does the healthcare queue management system contribute to operational efficiency?

It streamlines processes, facilitates data-driven decision-making, and optimizes resource allocation, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency.

What sets QWaiting apart in patient management?

It revolutionizes patient experiences by offering personalized care plans, efficient appointment scheduling, and smart queues to minimize waiting times. QWaiting is extremely customizable and is affordable compared to the options available in the market.

Can healthcare professionals trust the accuracy of data provided by QWaiting?

Absolutely, the platform ensures the accuracy and reliability of data, empowering healthcare professionals with trustworthy information.

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Trusted by 65K+ Customers Globally

We are a leading provider of queue management solutions that solve multiple, complex business problems for companies. Businesses from more than 120+ countries around the world use Qwaiting to improve their customer journey.

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