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Qwaiting virtual queuing systems are a robust method to change the way you do business and serve potential customers. Eliminate the physical waitings and the needs of in-person visits by managing human resources and staffing more effectively with an all-in-one solution.

Time is money-we all know that! Wasting it with an inappropriate solution is not a thing.

Qwaiting was built for solving a global and fundamental human issue: "wasting time in waiting in line". We acknowledge the benefit of saving time as the major perspective of modern technology. By implementing the functional solution to the antiquated practice of waiting, Qwaiting is changing the manner the world waits.

When the customers wait remotely, safe queuing and social distancing can be implemented on the premise. The virtual queuing integrates online to onsite journey by manifesting valuable analytics. With a virtual waiting line management system, you can:

  • Lessen wait time
  • Effective customer flow management
  • Increase staff efficiency and productivity
  • Develop customer experience and journey
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Virtual Queuing Highlights

A Glimpse on Virtual Queuing Features

Mobile Ticket

Allow customers to use Qwaiting for virtual queuing on their mobile phones. From the mobile ticket system, the customers can be in line before arrival and get notified about the updates.

Messaging Service

Inform the visitors regarding the reminders and the updates in their customer journey. Leverage the messaging service for sending booking confirmations, distributing contactless tickets and appointment reminders.

Online Booking

Enable the customers to schedule their bookings online. It permits them to plan and eliminate unscheduled walk-ins; therefore reduce waiting time and offer a greater customer experience.

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Reporting, Insights, and Business Intelligence

Gain real-time information for optimizing the operations, with comprehensive reports and statistics for improving the services.

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Serving Apps and Check-in

Boost staff mobility and assure resource optimization with the apps. Qwaiting permits the customers to assist the customers efficiently and quickly; with every information at their fingertips.

Online Customer Feedback

Get customer feedback for enhancing service quality. After their visit, an invitation will be sent for an online survey, designed for convenience and ease.

Step-up your Game with Virtual Queuing System

We have extensive exposure in equipping service areas in government organizations, hospitals, restaurants, retail stores, etc. Qwaiting virtual systems help authorize you a step further in providing a seamless customer experience.

The benefits of Virtual Queuing solutions are undeniable. Request a 14 days trial demo, and learn how it could help improve customer satisfaction and employee productivity!

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I've used Qwaiting for my business and it's been a great experience. It's helped me to save time and reduce my stress levels, while also improving the customer experience. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to streamline their operations and improve customer satisfaction.


Qwaiting has made my life so much easier! It simplifies the waiting process, saving time and reducing frustration. The overall experience is great and up to the mark. Thanks to the team!


Thanks to Rohit and his team for making this wonderful software. Not only me but our customers also loved it. As they are able to join a virtual queue and get updates on their wait time via text message.

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