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The Better Way to Listen to Your Customers

SmartReviews helps you to gather your feedback from multiple channels like Website ,Sms , Email and Walkin clients Under Single Roof.

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A Powerful Feedback App For iPhone & Android

Shrivra SmartReviews is designed very clearly and cleverly. It will take couple of minutes to set it up. You can use offline survey app to set up a iOS/Android based kiosk for feedback or you can always take in-person feedbacks. It sync up all the data securely when you connect to internet after the offline mode.

All-Inclusive Feedback
Tracking and Management

SmartReviews helps you to establish the frequency and volume of the feedbacks by your customers. It works as a perfect net promoter software when you need it to calculate the customer satisfaction. With the help of team collaboration, you can take action from the Response Inbox. You can easily take suitable actions that are based on insights and drill down reports. You can easily choose from sending these insights through a push notification or email.

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Resolve issues faster

Resolve user’s issues quickly. Enable customers to precisely address the problems they faced with the system

Keenly observes user preferences

Nurture customers with their preferences by keenly observing insights. Serve a pleasing experience according to the user's requirements

Kiosk feedback

Meticulously evaluate your services with a kiosk feedback device. Sets a platform to address customer’s positive and negative experiences.

Who Uses Smart Reviews

A robust feedback application for every type of industry like Salon, spa, restaurants, healthcare, wellness, retail, finance, automobiles, and other types of enterprises. You can use it as customer feedback system, even lead capture tool, offline surveys and employee feedback system.

Spas and Salons

Track and measure your staff performance. Set up post-service surveys to capture client feedback at your spa and salon.


Get the feedback from your customer about Food, service, atmosphere and much more with Restaurant Feedback System.

Retail Management

Set personalised store experience surveys and retail customer experience surveys at shopping chains, shopping malls and other.


Setup guest feedback surveys to know where your services are lagging. Make sure that you hear the voice of your customer.


SmartReviews Tablet app with help you to survey your patient’s satisfaction at your hospital, clinic and healthcare centres.

Event and Seminars

Improvise using the feedback app and make use of it for generating leads at important events, conferences and seminars.

Banking Sector

By using SmartReviews, you can make improvements in your customer services department by. Set financial satisfaction surveys.


Use SmartReviews to Capture airline passenger feedback. Also, you can conduct in-flight feedback surveys to improve your services.

Automobile Sector

Always keep tabs on automobile buyer’s requirements. Take feedback after showroom visit and test drive for the betterment of their experience.

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With Shrivra SmartReviews, it is easy to set the surveys and feedback forms up on any channel of your choice.
Just customise the form and it will be available on all the feedback channels of your choice.

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