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Banking Queue System


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Banking Queue System

How can banks upgrade the customer experience?

The Banking Sector has grown over the years and, we understand your branches may require distinct solutions to fulfill your requirements. Handling walk-in customers queues, managing day-to operations, and delivering a top-notch customer experience is not easy. Results? Stressed-out staff, poor customer service, and rise in customer complaints. Our Team of Professionals will analyze your concerns, review your locations and recommend the most suitable banking queue management options to accommodate your business. Give us a call today!

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How Qwaiting, Banking Queue System Benefits Your Business?

  • Minimize Operational Cost
  • Less Paperwork
  • Increase staff efficiency
  • Better decision making with the collected Data
  • Facilitate Automatic Registration
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
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Features Highlights

Key Features of our Bank Queue Management System

customer feedback
Customer Feedback

Qwaiting allows you to collect customer feedback to analyze their pain points and work towards them. Understanding your customer is vital for your business.

Data Insights

Qwaiting provides valuable data insights related to peak hours, staff performance, average customer wait time, services in demand for better decision making.

Customization as per Requirements

Help us understand your requirement and business size for a fully customized solution as per your demands. Choose the queuing system that suits you the best.

Offer Personalized Service

With Qwaiting's call by name feature, offer personalized customer service and address customers by their name. Personalization is the way to success nowadays!

How It Works

step 1

Customers will scan the QR Code

step 2

An SMS will be sent to you and register them as next in the line

step 3

A notification alert will be sent to them when their turn is next. They will arrive right on time to be served

Qwaiting Queue Management system also providers various kiosk models to choose from depending on your needs such ,24 32inch Kiosks for public sectors, and small kiosks for small branches with limited space.

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