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Banking Queue System

How can banks upgrade the customer experience?

Qwaiting queue management system reduce linear queuing waiting time, enabling customers know when bankers become available to give them the best banking services. This management system reduces yelling across your space, boost productivity maintaining decorum in the bank and creating a less stressful environment for your employees. Through Qwaiting queue management system, you can collect data before service to match your bankers with customers based on needs and expertise, so that they get in and out quickly.

The result?
Less wait-times, improved service delivery, and a more enjoyable experience.


How Qwaiting Manage Your Customer Journey?

Qwaiting is a dynamic queue management system that’s a whole branch transformation system designed to set you apart from your competitors. Qwaiting as a branch customer management system infuses real-time branch analytics and provides outstanding customer intelligence while giving visibility, insight and answers for streamlining customer flows and improving customer journey and experience. Using Qwaiting management software, you can:

  • Streamline customer flow
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Eliminate the guesswork
Why Qwaiting management software?


Using Go-Mobile internet based service, customers can map “customer journey” even before they visit the branch using mobile based virtual ticketing. Integration with GPS enables customers easily know business hours of the nearest branch, the number of customers ahead and expected waiting time before starting the journey.



Customers can start their journey on the web with Qwaiting online booking module which is also called digital queuing system. With this module, customers can make booking on the website and generate a reference number, and generate ticket.


Digital Signage Solution

The customers can get regular updates of their subsequent booking through mobile virtual queuing notifications and attain applicable insights from digital signage within the environment.



To know about the customer's experience, immediate feedback is required. They can easily share their experience via Qwaiting application. Wait time and the transaction time data can also be mentioned for regular operational improvements and better customer experience.

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