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How Qwaiting Smoothes Appointments?

Qwaiting Appointment Solution empowers you to deliver the expected customer experience. Serve them at the time they have booked with you- do not let them wait! Known as an elegant Appointment scheduling software, Qwaiting allows businesses of every size to handle queues speedily and smartly. This intelligent system can be accessed anytime and from anywhere; hence, lessen scheduling gaps when the bookings are canceled.

Allows your customer to schedule the appointments according to their convenience from a versatile appointment solution. Booking, canceling, scheduling, or rescheduling the appointments is not a hassle anymore. The customers can choose a suitable time slot and get booked easily and comfortably. While scheduling the appointments, the customers can pick the services they need or other preferences as well.

With extensive experience, Qwaiting is assisting every industry globally in sharpening the services and transforming the customer experience. From education to hospitals, governmental agencies, retail, and supermarkets, etc. we serve all!

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Qwaiting Highlights

Key Features of Appointment Management System

Appointment Booking and Scheduling

Allow the customers to book the appointments at a convenient time slot and tailored for your business.

Multilingual Support

Qwaiting's booking solution gives you the flexibility to integrate multiple languages and date preferences.

Multiple Locations, Services, Categories

The panel/system can be accessed from multiple locations. Various departments or categories can be created easily.

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Great Reporting Capabilities

Generate important insights and metrics from the automated reporting system; save time and money accordingly.

Full-control and Security

Our centralized system assures every single detail of the customer data is fully protected and secured.

Integration with Website and POS

The system is flexible enough to easily get integrated with the website and POS, hence, offers you full functionality.

Calendar Synchronization

The software is synchronized with Google calendar. The appointments get updated automatically after booking and provide prior reminders.

Text Message and Email Reminders

Let the appointment scheduling system automatically send reminders and confirmation to prevent no-shows.

Strong API

The virtual queuing system provides third-party integration using APIs to make the system more flexible and powerful.

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Use Our Mobile App

Our system provides two mobile applications, Qwaiting-customer and Qwaiting-staff to eliminate crowded service areas and physical lines.

Control Customer Flow: Choose Qwaiting Appointment Booking System

The versatile appointment manager lets you manage the time slots, preference fields, online bookings, late arrivals, and impromptu visits with a fully integrated and self-service check-in system. From historical and real-time data accessible at your fingertips, you can measure staff performance and customer satisfaction correctly:

Improved Insight
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“Always On” Service
Fewer no-shows
Lower Costs
Business Continuity
More Control
Enables Social Distancing
Centralized Information System
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I've used Qwaiting for my business and it's been a great experience. It's helped me to save time and reduce my stress levels, while also improving the customer experience. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to streamline their operations and improve customer satisfaction.


Qwaiting has made my life so much easier! It simplifies the waiting process, saving time and reducing frustration. The overall experience is great and up to the mark. Thanks to the team!


Thanks to Rohit and his team for making this wonderful software. Not only me but our customers also loved it. As they are able to join a virtual queue and get updates on their wait time via text message.

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