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Real-time Visualization

Real-time Visualization

  • Gain a detailed overview of business trends from all angles organized by location, time period, service, or employee.
  • Easily and quickly grasp the key trends and metrics.
  • Proactively respond to market changes.
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Informed Decisions with Comprehensive Reports

Analyze the customer journey data that is most pertinent to your business through a different set of reports that helps in decision-making.

staff performance

Employee-based Analysis

  • Gather data on the number of customers served by each employee.
  • Assess individual performance.
  • Identify top performers and areas for training and development.
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Time-based Analysis

Time-based Analysis

  • Calculate the average waiting time.
  • Segment the data based on different filters such as customer type or a specific department.
  • Identify peak times.
  • Root cause analysis.
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branch summary

Location-based Analysis

  • Allows you to compare multi-branch performance.
  • Identifies regional patterns.
  • Helps make location-specific strategic decisions.
  • Time and cost-effective.
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Customer Reviews and Feedback

Customer Reviews and Feedback

  • Compare the trends and changes in sentiment over time.
  • Identify recurring issues.
  • Representative of real experiences.
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Seamless Integration Capabilities

Seamless Integration Capabilities- Effortlessly Export Performance Reports

  • Maximize Insights with the Data Connect API(Application Programming Interface)
  • Export performance reports to PDF, Excel, HTML, and CSV.
  • Third-party integration to uncover hidden data.
  • Provide easy-to-read report templates such as charts and tables.
  • Seamless Integration with Preferred BI Tools.
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