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A QR code queue management solution simplifies the long waiting process. A great solution to help out customers from the long waiting lists while seeking services.

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Manage Queue's using your Smartphone

Maintain social distancing. Be safe, be comfortable.

Minimized waitings

Free up staff and customers from annoying waiting lists. Reduces staff workload by placing a self-service QR code system.

Safe & Secure

Feel safe and secure with virtual contactless queues. Generate an E-ticket in advance and enjoy safe virtual waitings. Ensures social distancing while upgrading your user experience.

Easy & Simple to operate

With user-friendly features, brings more ease and flexibility to customers and staff.

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How to Operate QR code at your business store?

  • Call ticket
  • See previously called ticket
  • Generate ticket for customers with no smartphone
  • View last generated ticket
  • Manage customers in the store
  • Manage how many customers are waiting
  • Restart the counter

Get rid of long waitings

Free your customers from long waiting queues. Make them feel safe, comfortable, and stress-free. E-ticket is contactless, and

QR-Queue solution was designed to:

Manage queues outside the store Control the number of people inside the store

Customers can get an e-ticket in advance and then wait safely in a virtual queue

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Get rid of long waitings

Optimize customer experience with QR code solution

Improves customer experience, minimizes overcrowding, ensures safe, contactless, and virtual queues.

With Smartphone

Scan the QR code


Generate E-ticket


Enjoy virtual waitings by devoting that waiting time to other crucial tasks.


Get a notification for your turn


Go to the designated area

Are people safe in long queues?
Are you searching for a solution to help out your customers?

QR code is an efficient tool to manage queues irrespective of its length. Free your customers from long annoying waitings with the help of QR code.

Free customers from annoying waiting lists and staff from massive workloads by placing a self-service queue code system.

Each ticket comes with a QR Code that customers can scan for their queuing status. Ticket numbers are also displayed to create the perfect queue management system.

Free up staff and reduce their workload by providing customers with self-service queue ticketing.

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A QR Code Queue System automates waiting list processes for businesses like restaurants, government institutions, healthcare, and more. When your customer scans this QR Code type, it sends an SMS to your business (wherever customers need to queue at) and ''registers'' them as next in line in a virtual queue.

When it’s their turn, customers will be texted to come to the venue to claim their place. This means customers no longer have to queue physically and will just be called whenever they're next, which reduces crowded waiting rooms and gives them the option to do other things while waiting.

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The Qwating QRcode solution helps customers generate token numbers safely without visiting outside. It is easy, simple, and secure to use! Just scan the QR code from the smartphone and then generate a token. Anyone with a smartphone can access the mobile ticket.

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QR-Queue can be used for several purposes