How Qwaiting manages staff handling of People’s Association

Qwaiting offers intense and improved staff handling features to the People’s Association

People association launched on 1st July 1960.

Singapore faced a tough time during the 1950s and early 60s due to the riots in distinct races and political conflict. These circumstances gave rise to PA in 1960 to promote racial harmony. PA initiated many programs and successfully aligned the majority of people with them. There are many volunteers and full-time employees associated with them to contribute to social services. The PA has just marked the completion of 60 years in the year 2022. Above all, PA offers scholarships to the student who meets the eligibility criteria and works on providing education. Additionally, there are many courses run by PA such as Piano classes, tennis classes, taekwondo, and many others to develop skills in everybody irrespective of age or gender.

Areas where People Association lacked

People Association is a large group of people who are working to promote harmony and unity among people of all races. These volunteers are working among differently located GRO( Grassroot organization) and Community clubs. So it becomes tough for the working people and management to coordinate effectively. Some of the problems faced by them are:

  • No way of communicating confidential or work-related information
  • Difficulty in keeping the check on staff login
  • Unable to create the reports
  • Required a single interface to monitor daily activities
  • Raise issues related to inventory or query within the association

So these were the few issues that the People’ Association faced and were struggling to manage the group on a large scale.

Qwaiting redefined the management of the People's Association

Indeed, Qwaiting appeared as a survivor of the People Association to manage their duties well and more gracefully. Qwaiting analyzed all the issues and implemented Qwaiting with amazing features to simplify the operations and work more on social services.

The PA is facilitated by a Qwaiting integrated server that simplified the process of managing the staff. Well, the Qwaiting is a cloud-based software with API. It helps the team communicate easily and maintain confidentiality.

The Staff had an issue discussing the problems they faced in real-time with people. So, with the help of Qwaiting, they can easily raise the tickets to the higher in the hierarchy to receive the solution.

Moreover, the staff is equipped with SSO for easy sign-in as the PA operates from many different locations. The advanced feature of API helps them to keep the login process secure as it verifies the authorized person and then grants permission to access it.

To handle all the duties easily the PA has access to a simple structured dashboard. It helps the staff to monitor every ongoing activity on a daily basis.

However, there are a lot of people who join the PA in order to get enrolled in a program or in a course. So the Software saves every detail of the individual in a secure database. The visitor information stored in the internal storage can be accessed by the staff easily and at any time.

At last, the supervisor or the concerned person looks over everything and is offered a feature of real-time reports. These reports contain all the information regarding serving time, services availed and other details to check how well the association is performing.

After changes in People Associations’ working

Definitely, the working of the PA is improved as Qwaiting reduced the workload. The staff can now focus more on people's engagement and productivity, leaving the work to be done by the software. Qwaiting takes care of every operation and updates the employees.



People’s Association is one of Singapore's oldest groups of people who are working in favor of the citizens. They are promoting harmony and unity in the people of all races for 60 years. Many volunteers are associated with PA to contribute to this social service.


  • Managing the people's flow and query
  • Difficulty in the internal communication
  • Track the ongoing activity of the staff


  • Queue management solution
  • Integrated servers
  • Automated notification and reminders
  • Dashboard with real-time reports
  • API support


  • Improved internal communication
  • Easy managing the queries and everyday task
  • Secure sign in
  • Generate the real-time reports
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