Changi Airport Group manage the restroom bookings with Qwaiting

Changi Airport Group perfectly managed the restroom booking procedure through Qwaiting

Changi Airport Group is into this business since 1981. It has won 649 awards and proved to be the best international airport in the world.

In these years, CAG has gained a lot of expertise in airport management and development. They are now raising the standards of other airports all around. CAG is involved in many business activities such as investing in foreign airports, providing consultancy, and implementing various services to enhance the management of airports.CAG also contributes to giving scholarships to deserving students.

Issues for Changi Airport Group

Well, Changi Airport Group is a very busy international airport. On a daily basis, many people check-in and check out to board their flights. Many times, the flights are delayed or rescheduled. So, people rush to the counters to book the restrooms. Consequently, the staff also struggle to attend to the visitors and answer so many queries at the same time such as:


  • Arranging the passengers in a queue to avoid a collective rush
  • Allot the restrooms
  • Ensure proper check-in and check out

Therefore, it is very crucial to help customers avail services via a seamless procedure.

Qwaiting offers an organized flow of visitors

Changi Airport Group automated its restroom reservation procedure with the help of Qwaiting. The queue management solution analyzed and implemented its features to help the staff reduce their workload.

To start with, a kiosk Application was provided at the airport. This feature helped the customers to book the restrooms for themselves. Often the flights are delayed or rescheduled due to unavoidable circumstances. In this case, people rush to the counters to book the restrooms to spend their time. So instead of waiting in the queue, people can make use of kiosk apps to register themselves and generate a ticket to take a restroom.

After registering themselves, customers can view when the restroom is ready on the large digital signage screens.

The staff has complete access to the details of booked restrooms through the Dashboard. They can keep a check on the check-in and check-out times easily.

The overall experience of Changi Airport Group

The Changi Airport Group is extremely happy with the new management process. It has reduced the extra workload of the staff. The customers can book the restroom by themselves and staff can keep a check on all the activities through a dedicated dashboard.



The Changi Airport Group welcomed its first passenger in 1981. In the long run, it has gained expertise in airport management and development. Moreover, it is helping other airports all around with its knowledge to develop and manage airport activities. The Changi Airport Group has won many awards as the best international award in the world.


  • Arranging the passengers in a queue to avoid a collective rush
  • Allot the restrooms
  • Ensure proper check-in and check out


  • Queue management solution
  • Kiosk Application
  • Digital Signage
  • Integrated Dashboard


  • Reduced waiting queues
  • Self-booking of restroom
  • Track of check-in and check out
  • Reduced staff efforts
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