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NUS leverages the Qwaiting for a smoother hostel allotment procedure

The National University of Singapore has excelled in the field of education since 1905.

However, the National University of Singapore is one of the oldest and a reliable education institutes. To dig deep into their history, they started to impart knowledge with just 23 students in the year 1905 but grew immensely with time. Above all, in this long run of more than 100 years, NUS became the most preferred and trusted university. The students rely on the university and enroll to build a bright future.

Issues encountered by NUS

NUS was facing difficulty in managing the applications for the hostel allotment. As NUS is a well-established university and generally students come from all around the country to take admission. There were a few obstacles that needed to be worked out such as:

  • Accepting hostel application
  • Allocating the rooms
  • Students were unable to check the eligibility
  • Differentiating between old and new student
  • Accepting the payment

After the admission, the students struggle to find the rooms in the hostel. Taking admission and getting a room in a hostel are two different processes. Moreover, the staff was also having a tough time assigning the rooms.

Qwaiting-One stop solution to manage the flow of students

To meet the new needs of NUS, Qwaiting helped with a high-tech arrangement to make the process smooth. To start with, Qwaiting provided the staff with an integrated server along with an effective SSO to provide customized access.

A solution offered different sign-in options for staff, students, and visitors/alumni. This further redirected them to their desired page.

The staff is able to check all the real-time data and activities such as:

  • How many applications have come
  • How many got accepted
  • How many got rejected
  • How many applications are pending
  • Can view the details
  • Can identify new and old student
  • Check the dues and status of the payments
  • The check-in details
  • Check out details

The students, whether new or old, were given an easy way to check every detail on the website and apply accordingly. Earlier the students had to wait in queues to find the answers to their queries such as fee structure, room type(1 seater, 2 seaters, and so on), eligibility, and availability. Now old students can log in and pay to renew their application and new students can apply.

After the Qwaiting has digitized the process with the integration of effective features, students are relaxed and can check the application process themselves. The benefits that students received are:

  • Can check the eligibility and guidelines easily
  • Submit an application
  • Track the status of the application if it is accepted or not
  • Make payment
  • Need not stand in line to submit the form
  • Saves time

After the application process is complete, the students get an automated text notification on their application status. The students can pay the amount online through a secured payment platform that accepts transfers from third-party applications as well.

The student receives the feedback form on their contact details. It helps the student to share their views and the university to understand the student's perspective to bring changes from time to time.

At last, the management has easy access to all the activities and insights. The software provides a dashboard from which they can access all the details of how well the staff is performing.

The beginning of the new journey

Well, the NUS enjoyed a great difference after Qwaiting automated their administrative task. The software helped the students from submitting an application to payment. In the same vein, the staff now keeps the check on the application and can view the total number of students applying and allocations.



The National University of Singapore is one of the oldest and most reliable institutes. It has been providing knowledge to the communities since the year 1905. It has come a long way and has successfully built an influential reputation in the field of education globally.


  • Managing the applications for hostel
  • Manage the queries
  • Track the student's form
  • Guide students for the complete process of applying


  • Queue management solution
  • Automated notification and reminders
  • Dashboard with real-time reports
  • Feedbacks
  • Secure payment process


  • Effective management of student queue
  • Facilitate students with online tracking of their applications.
  • Notify the student about the status.
  • Real-time reports
  • Dashboard with insights
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