Nirvana simplified burial process of the deceased ones with Qwaiting

Nirvana simplified the burial process of the deceased ones through Qwaiting

Nirvana was established in the year 2009 in Singapore to reintroduce the process of burying the deceased by looking at the issue of land scarcity. Additionally, they also made sure to keep the values of the customs intact and peaceful.

Well, Nirvana Memorial Garden is a fraction of the Malaysian Nirvana Asian Group. The Nirvana memorial garden serves the people with all the funeral services and makes the last journey soothing and relaxed. It helps people to grieve and spend time with family while they take charge of every duty in a well-organized way. The family pays a certain amount where the niches are stored. There are different options if the family wants to keep the ashers in standard, classic or premium arrangements.

Problem: Difficult to handle visitors coming to pay tribute to their ancestors

Nirvana Memorial Garden is a place where the last rites are done of the deceased one. Here the family visits and makes the booking to nirvana for the rituals on their behalf. Additionally, there is a huge rush on the days when prayer is offered to the departed soul. So there was a certain issue faced by the management and visitors of the Nirvana such as:

  • Handle people on the days of prayers
  • Accepts the booking of niches
  • Manage the payments
  • Monitor every activity
  • People wait a lot for their turn to reach the counter

So, besides successfully doing the rituals, the nirvana staff struggled to manage so many people at one time.

Qwaiting streamlined the funeral services

Obviously, it is very difficult for the family to stand in queues and arrange the funeral rituals when they are totally shattered. On the other hand, the staff also finds it tough to prepare for the burial ceremonies and handle the people with queries. Here Qwaiting proved as savior. The management solution offered various effective features to make their funeral services run smoothly.

To start with, a Kiosk App was offered. At the entrance, the screen was placed with this kiosk application where the visitor could make the booking or generate a ticket to get in touch with the executives for more information. They can easily fill in the details regarding the purpose of the visit and receive assistance. It also allows them to select the niches as per their affordability.

Moving further, a fully functional digital signage screen was implemented in the area, where the people could see when it was their turn. This helped the staff avoid the rush of people at the counters. Now people waited patiently as pr their turn

Moreover, family members who are waiting receive text notifications when it's their turn or they are next. This helped to inform the ones who are not in their seats.

Another amazing feature is Scheduling. People usually come to pray to their ancestors on Friday, So there is a heavy crowd at the premises. To avoid this situation, people are given the option to book their slots for prayer. This helped reduced the rush as people will come, pray and leave within their booked time

After the visitors have opted for the services, they can make the payments stress-free through the secure payment method. They can easily pay for the ritual preparations and also get the confirmation with full transaction details.

Above all, the staff has access to every activity through the dashboard. It keeps them updated on the number of bookings, niche selected and services opted.

Nirvana experienced a redefined model of operation

Nirvana definitely enjoyed a relaxed and stress-free environment in their workspace. Earlier they were occupied the whole day managing the visitors and answering their queries as well as conducting the funeral rituals. Whereas after the implementation of Qwaiting, Nirvana now has time to spend with the visitors to grieve and also manage the administrative activities.



Nirvana Memorial Garden was set up in 2009 in Singapore. It is built with the aim to make funeral preparations in one place. Nirvana believes in handling every religious ritual and custom to help people grieve instead of running to make arrangements for the deceased one.


  • Handle people on the days of prayers
  • Accepts the booking of niches
  • Manage the payments
  • Monitor every activity


  • Kiosk Application
  • Digital Signage
  • Text Notification
  • Scheduling
  • Easy payment option
  • Dashboard


  • Reduced crowd
  • Easy management of the visitors
  • A simple procedure for the family to book funeral services
  • Reduced administrative work
  • Queries answered effectively every individual
  • Time to grieve instead of making arrangements
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