How Fair Price group remodels its operations with Qwaiting

Fair Price group remodels its operations with Qwaiting

The Fair Price group was established in 1973. It came into existence with the aim to help the people to balance the cost of living in Singapore. Fair Price Group is not just one supermarket, but one powerful and leading retailer in Singapore. They deal with millions of shoppers through their 370 outlets. FairPrice supermarkets, FairPrice Finest, FairPrice Xtra, FairPrice Shop, Cheers convenience stores, FairPrice Xpress, and Unity pharmacy are part of the Fair Price Group.

Hurdles that Fair Price Group had earlier

Fair Price Group is an extensive platform that serves many industries under one brand name. It is a huge organization with many employees. Fair Price draws more than 700,000 visitors every month. Well, with such a good flow of customers, it is evident that the staff is occupied with the duties the whole day. They work hard to serve customers well and often have no time to work on their issues and reach out to management leaving their work desks. So, there are many more issues that the Fair Price group was facing and needed to resolve for performing better. The area where they lacked was:

  • Notifying the higher management regarding their issue
  • Track the performance of staff
  • A simple interface to manage the activities
  • Reducing the workload to focus on more important aspects

So there are many such problems that need to be fixed to work efficiently.

Streamlines the workflow via Qwaiting

Qwaiting stepped forward to help the Fair Price Group run the operation smoothly. Qwaiting offered amazing features to facilitate the staff as well as the managing directors to ensure quick and error-free work. The Fair Price Group was helped with an integrated server equipped with a High-level API.

In general, Qwaiting is a cloud-based software with API to make the process smooth. It adjusts and acts according to the task provided. It also helps in signing in the application while ensuring all verification checks and granting access to the authorized employees only.

Another great feature is a simple and effective Dashboard. It allows easy customization as well. The dashboard gives a full display of the ongoing activities and updates the staff on the customer inquiry.

Obviously, the staff holds many duties and tasks to complete in a day. Their schedule is so busy that they get very less time to bring an issue to the manager’s notice. It can be a problem in the work environment, refilling the stock, or anything related to customer queries. Well, Qwaiting allows the staff to raise the ticket with a brief description of the problem. This will notify the superior in position. It is one of the most systematic ways as it keeps everyone in the loop and notifies when the solution is provided or the problem is solved.

The last is the most crucial feature which is Real-Time monitoring. The owners or higher management can track the performance of their staff and evaluate their productivity. However, they keep a check on the serving figures and have an opportunity to make changes if needed.

What changes did the Fair Price Group experience?

Definitely, the Fair Price Group has witnessed a difference in its management and enhanced staff satisfaction. The employees are helped with an easy path to reach their managers through Qwaiting features without leaving the desk and discussing the issue which needs urgent attention. It also helped the organization to reduce the workload of the staff and make the job much easier.



The Fair Price Group is a well-established and leading retailer in Singapore. They have been in this business since 1973. The Fair Price Group initiated the retail business with the goal of balancing the cost of living in Singapore.


  • Increased workload for the staff
  • Unable to track the performance
  • Raise a ticket for the issue.
  • Manage the workflow


  • Integrated Qwaiting server
  • API Support
  • Raise Tickets
  • Effective and Customizable Dashboard
  • Easy Tracking of the Productivity of the Employees.


  • Enhanced Internal Communication
  • Notify the Management regarding any Challenges
  • Secure and Quick Staff Login through API
  • Smooth Running Operation
  • Reduced Efforts
  • Saves Time for the Staff
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