How Marina Square boosted its customer service using the Qwaiting?

Marina Square boosted its customer service using the Qwaiting

Marina Square is a huge shopping mall built on the land of the marina center in 1980. It was the largest shopping mall in the county at that time.

It is one of the biggest shopping malls in Singapore. It witnesses a good crowd of people on a daily basis. It holds various unique shops that offer shopping for fashion, F&B, lifestyle, and children's concepts. Marina Square covers about 59,000 square meters of land. The redevelopment of the mall was done in phases. Firstly, it introduced “The Dining Edition”. It included all the restaurants, cafes, and coffee joints. Secondly, it presented the new 200,000 square feet retail wing facing “The Esplanade”. Marina Square invests in a lot of promotions and hosts many events on the weekends.

Problematic areas for Marina Square

Well, Marina Square is a busy shopping mall as 1000+ people visit there in a day. Obviously, people are offered many services and deals due to which there is a heavy flow on the counter sections. The executives of Marina Square are occupied the whole day handling the customers and their queries. So here are some of the problems that Maria Square faced:

  • Answer the general queries
  • Guide the customers on how to redeem their rewards
  • Handle the large queues
  • Update the people about their turn
  • Arrange them according to their arrival sequence

Therefore, there were a few issues in handling the flow of visitors and answering them at the same time.

Streamlined the customer's flow through Qwaiting

Qwaiting helped Marina Square overcome this hurdle of managing the flow of visitors. It had difficulty in answering queries and managing the long queues. So, Qwaiting offered a variety of features to make the process easy.

One of the interesting features is the Kiosk app. It is available at the entrance of the waiting area. It allows people to register themselves to get aligned in the queue. They can make use of it to generate the token number for themselves and wait to get in touch with the executive.

To make waiting less boring, the customers are provided access to digital signage screens. These screens display the ticket number whose turn is next, and who is being handled at that time.

Moreover, there is a feature of Qwaiting to send automated reminders for their turn via text or WhatsApp. This is very useful for the working executives as well as the visitor. It reduces the efforts of the staff member to keep calling the person whose turn is next. It also keeps the customer updated about how long they have to wait. Additionally, the visitor will not miss their turn if they are not available.

At last, the staff can monitor every activity and check the waiting queue through a dedicated dashboard. Moreover, the higher management can keep a check on the staff performance and their productivity through real-time reports.

What difference did Marina Square experience?

Undoubtedly, the process of managing queues and answering their queries became much easier. Now the customers don’t rush to the counters, instead use the kiosk app for getting the token number. They wait patiently and at their leisure as they are well aware of their turn through big signage screens. Moreover, they view the additional information by scanning the QR-Code. The staff now enjoys providing the services when the visitors are not piling up on their desks and appear on their turn only.



Marina Square was established in 1980. It was the only largest shopping mall in the country at that time. It has 1000+ visitors in a day. Additionally, it has many different shops there that deal in F&B, lifestyle, children, and fashion concepts.


  • Answer the general queries
  • Guide the customers on how to redeem their rewards
  • Handle the large queues
  • Update the people about their turn
  • Arrange them according to their arrival sequence


  • Queue management solution
  • Kiosk App
  • Digital Signage
  • Dedicated Dashboard
  • Real-Time reports
  • Automated reminders


  • Reduced staff efforts
  • Easy to manage the flow of visitors
  • Categorize the customers based on their queries through the Kiosk app
  • Customers know how long they have to wait
  • Visitors get notified on their turn through automated reminders
  • Easy management of the administrative duties
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