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Hospital Queue System


queue waiting system

Hospital and Clinic Queue System

A Queue Management system to manage your Appointments, Regular Walk-in Patients, and Emergencies.

Qwaiting offers hospital specialized queuing solutions to eliminate crowded waiting areas and deliver an excellent patient experience.The system allows users to book appointments 24/7, join queues virtually with the QR Queue System, send SMS for appointment reminders, generate real-time reports that include data of average wait times, average patient numbers, and staff performance.

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Easily organize and manage the patient queuing process.

  • Patients will be able to check in on their own. The inputs required to be filled can be customized.
  • A token no. will be generated reflecting their queue no., average wait time, and clear navigation to the counter no. assigned.
  • The patient will receive a notification when it's their turn to be served. The Queue status can also be displayed on the LED Screed.
  • Service will be delivered right on time.
  • The Patients will feel informed and more in control. Meanwhile, the hospital staff will be able to get the load off their back. A win-win situation for all.
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Features Highlights

Key Features

Patient feedback

Patient Feedback System

Collecting Patient feedback will help the management in focusing upon the areas of improvement and transform the patient experience. Our Hospital Queue management system allows patients to submit their feedback on a real-time basis using a self-service kiosk or a tablet. The system can also be used to send a personalized text with their name and a link to submit feedback.

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Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Keep your patients informed and entertained with a Hospital Display Signage solution. Publicize important announcements and alerts, showcase the specialization of your residents, or simply entertain your waiting patients by streamlining videos. Our Digital signage Solution allows you to do it all. Moreover, the system can also be integrated with the hospital queue management system to display the queue status on a real-time basis.

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Easy Integration System

Easy Integration System

Qwaiting's web service API can be easily integrated with your existing Hospital Information System. Our smart Hospital Queue system supports the allocation of tokens through touch screen kiosks, SMS, call-forwarding, mobile app, and websites. No additional hardware is required to operate separately.

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Qwaiting Centralized Management and Control

Centralized Management and Control

Qwaiting's Central Monitoring System enables the central office to control and manage the working of its multiple branches in a seamless manner. Receive data analytics reports on a daily or monthly basis for better decision-making, comparing branch-wise performance and staff planning.

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How It Works

step 1

Customers will scan the QR Code

step 2

Enter contact details like name, phone no. etc

step 3

They will receive SMS with the indication to go to the designated point of service

step 4

Token no. will be displayed

Qwaiting Queue Management system also providers various kiosk models to choose from depending on your needs such ,24 32inch Kiosks for public sectors, and small kiosks for small branches with limited space.

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