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Qwaiting is a cloud based queue management software. While Queue Systems are designed to decrease wait times. Qwaiting does more than that: Our Queuing solutions not only generate efficiencies but enhance profitability, build a secured environment and improve the visitor experience. When the customer service is on-point, your customers will be more than glad to wait.

Qwaiting allows visitors to check-in for service by phone and wait for their turn to be served. Your staff will receive all the information required to deliver the best individual customer service. Know the whole picture in real-time. From customer journey to staff performance, make better business decisions with the data we collect.

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Qwaiting - We Simplify your Queue

Qwaiting is a feature-rich and compelling Customer Queue Management software. Use this software on your PC, Laptop, and mobile devices and improve your customer service today itself. It allows you to handle a Customer Queue Management process easily and reduce the waiting time of all your valued clients.

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Key Features

Queue management software is developed with the purpose of making the user’s life easy. It allows the user to have a track of all the service at one place which can thus be management with immense ease. All the services are managed in such a manner which reduces the user’s work load which they had to bear earlier.

Schedule Appointments

Schedule Appointments

Now users can schedule all their appointments at a single place with the help of the Qwaiting- Queue Management Software.

Queue Waiting

Queue Control Functions

All the different functionalities that are deployed for handing the queue of customers are housed by the software.

Different Reporting

Different Reporting

Different types of reporting that include online as well as historical reporting are included in the features of the software.


Notifications/ Alerts

Personalized notifications and alerts will be sent to the users who are in waiting in a queue for availing their service.

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Ticket Printing

The software will generate a ticket that will showcase the complete details of the service that the user is going to avail.

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Remote Configuration

All the configuration settings are done remotely from the server and are parameter based. They do not require any programming.

Screen Display

Screen Display

The software will display the number of waiting customers, the length of the line and also the complete digital signage functionality.

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Service Documentation

This feature will describe all the different interactions with the help of predefined transaction codes and free text.

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Queue Management Software

Digital Signage

  • Easy To Display The Called Numbers Via Display Screens.
  • Evaluate The Performance Of Your Staff With Statistical Reports
  • Call The Number With Interactive Tone Announcement
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Qwaiting Dispense Machine

Floor Kiosk and Table Top Kiosk with Printer

  • Easy Printing Tickets For The Queue.
  • Print Tickets With The Add-on “Universal-printer” Without Any Print Preview
  • Supports Multiple Users
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Queue Management System Software

Staff Screen

  • Functions Separately For Different Departments And Counters.
  • Easy Recalling And Next Ticket Announcement
  • Supports Multiple Languages
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Queue Line Management

SMS/ WhatsApp Notifications

  • Distribute And Get Easy Text Messages
  • Make Your Customers Free From Standing In Queue Status Report Notification
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Start now in 3 simple steps
1. Signup Now

Sign up for qwaiting. It takes less than 2 minutes to get started. We will walk you through the process.

2. Setup Devices

Install an iPad or Android at the entrance of your location. Set up lines for different services and get the TV screen to show the Tokens

3. Use Seamlessly

You now have everything you need to provide excellent service. Let your customers take care of the rest.

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