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Added value to the government, by offering them an automated self queuing system; which results in a professional and efficient workflow. Ultimately better for both customers & employees. This assessment tool will save millions in lost labor hours & avoid the poor customer experience of having to wait in a long queue.


Digital Government Queue Management System

This automated, out-of-the-box solution is the perfect queuing tool for today’s government agencies. Count on increased productivity with less stress for your staff and a consistent customer experience for your citizens. Our new Government industry queueing solution provides complete integration of services, processes, and channels so that you can meet the needs of citizens efficiently wherever they are across the enterprise.

Qwaiting is a proven queuing system, used by numerous government departments throughout the world. With state-of-the-art solutions, you will no longer have to endure long queues or wait for your number to be called.

self sevice

Practical Queuing and Self-service System

Queuing systems are designed for a variety of public and private environments. We offer indoor, outdoor, and portable queuing systems that can be used for banks, airports, and in the government industry.

Qwaiting enables people to log in and queue up for services. However, it saves a lot of time as people don't have to wait in very long, or even overnight queues. The system allows citizens to select which offices they need to visit and take a number before arriving.


Enterprise-level Government Queuing Solution

Our Queue software allows you to control customer flow and solve the most complex business issues.

It does not matter how big or small your company is. You will be able to benefit from our queue management system. Qwaiting is a way to manage customer experience to create a stress-free environment for your customers.


A Platform to Automate Citizen Queues

Tailored to your needs, Qwaiting offers solutions for not only the department’s front office and reservation services, but also for administrative support and back-office processes. The queuing solution can send text messages to individuals or groups when it is time to be served - at a counter, on a phone, or online.

It can accelerate queuing time, reduce resource costs, communicate special offers and automate data collection. The queue management tool is designed to deliver high-quality services across large organizations.


Remote Queuing System For High-Quality Government Services

A streamlined government queuing system that is simple, safe, and stress-free.

Qwaiting government queue management system provides a ticket for the user with the titled service so that one does not need to worry about having a piece of paper to write on and inform if they are out of tickets.


Real-time Report and Analytics

Qwaiting is your way to improve government transparency. Create departmental reports and statistics that show which government agency or location performed best in your department and the information related to the location of the office.

Simply manage and measure customers' experience in government offices with scroll maps of surveys and waiting times of each employee for a particular office, queue, and location.

Qwaiting Solutions

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