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Qwaiting is a perfect queuing solution for ride-sharing services. Whether customers book a ride in advance or spontaneously request a pickup, our queue management system is the best car-sharing service that calculates the optimal pickup time and updates the customer about their pickup time in real-time.

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Shorter Wait Times for Customers Convenience

Our Queue Software for ride-sharing companies helps passengers and drivers make the most of their time by allowing them to spend their wait time where they want, instead of stuck desperately refreshing the queue.

  • Passengers can specify their pick-up location within a radius.
  • They will receive notifications about their queue position only when they are in that area.
  • Drivers can designate on-duty zones and will be notified to come online only when there is a nearby passenger that matches their preferred ride type.
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Qwaiting as Best Car Sharing Service

Waiting is terrible! Also, the right time of the cab driver's arrival is not sure most of the time. That's why we built Qwaiting so that both customers and drivers know when a ride is coming.

Our Queue system for the ride-sharing industry for passengers is a seamless way to travel from A to B. With the departure time, estimated arrival time, and cost visible from the beginning of the booking process, customers can make informed choices about whether a cab ride or a car-sharing service would work for them.


Let Qwaiting Be Your Queuing Solution

Qwaiting is a Queue management system for all rideshare companies helping passengers get better, and more consistent service. For us; Ride-sharing is caring! Our solution is integrated with the leading ride-sharing platform to provide you with real-time updates of your driver's ETAs.

We help ride-sharing companies manage their daily operations more efficiently, monitor their agents, and increase customer satisfaction. What this software does for you or What makes us better, approach us to find out!

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SaaS-based Queue System For Ride-Sharing Industry

Waiting in line should be a thing of the past. With qwaiting, people don’t need to wait in lines anymore. The queuing system for the ride-sharing industry allows you to manage queues and joins in your ride-sharing business. We can handle large capacity and millions of riders.

Qwaiting lets ride-sharing companies accept bookings and dispatch them in a queue, schedules trips, send reminders, and track all the trips.


Crowdsourced Queue Management System for Best Car-sharing Service

Qwaiting is software for ride-sharing companies to eliminate waiting in line. No matter the business model, it will match riders to drivers in an efficient and user-friendly way. The system also supports waiting lists that allow users to get back in after being offline.

As an easy-to-use platform, Qwaiting improves customer satisfaction, streamlines your operations, recommends new services, and ensures out-of-the-box compliance with regulations.

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Reduce Pre-trip Time and Driver Complaints

Finally, there is an efficient, flexible, and real-time way to manage your riding hassle! Qwaiting is a skilled enforcer that can think on its feet in chaotic situations. The riders can use the software to take rides around the block and to the airport, or pick up supplies during busy office hours easily.

The best part- is they are kept informed via text messages about their position in line and a link to track. At any point in time, customers can check their place in line remotely via a text message. Alerts can also be sent from your staff to the customers when it is their turn.


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