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Immigration Queue System


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Immigration Queue System

Onboarding and assisting large volumes of passengers is a tiresome task when not executed well. Qwaiting offers advanced technological solutions to optimize airport queues & enhance the passenger experience, primarily before boarding. Our Airport specialized queueing solutions like Self Check-in Kiosks, Passenger Boarding Kiosks, Interactive Digital Signage, and Passenger Feedback systems will help airport authorities in operating things smoothly and more efficiently.

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Features Highlights

How Qwaiting will benefit the Airport Industry

Better Management Decisions

The data collected by Qwaiting helps airport administration to operate smoothly. On-time decisions such as opening more lanes to ease down peak-hour congestion, ensuring more security at specific points, passenger count, staff performance, etc can be easily taken with the daily/monthly reports generated by the Queue System.

Queue Fairness

Nothing annoys passengers more than inefficiently managed queues. With its token calling feature, Qwaiting helps in maintaining queue fairness among the passengers.

Boost in Duty-Free Shopping

Passengers love shopping at Airport Duty-free stores. But in a hurry of joining the boarding queue, they have to cut-short their shopping time. With Qwaiting's advanced queuing options, passengers can enjoy shopping while tracking their queue status on a real-time basis.

Measuring staff performance

With the data gathered through queue analytics, airports management can measure the performance & productivity of each frontline staff member. This helps in rewarding the star performers and providing better training to the slow ones.

How It Works

step 1

Customers will scan the QR Code

step 2

An SMS will be sent to you and register them as next in the line

step 3

Customers will receive personalized notifications

step 4

Token-no. will be displayed

Qwaiting Queue Management system also providers various kiosk models to choose from depending on your needs such ,24 32inch Kiosks for public sectors, and small kiosks for small branches with limited space.

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