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Clinic Queue System

Patients rely on your clinic services. So making them seamless to access your services, reduced waiting queue time and good patient experience for minimizing their complaints can help you a lot to overcome their problems. Qwaiting queue management system makes your patient service area more informed and enhances operational efficiency. Qwaiting Patient Experience Software enables clinics to manage patients, staff, and operations in order to improve the patient experience, save time and reduce costs.


Virtual Updates:

Qwaiting queue management software enables patients to receive real-time updates about their estimated waiting time and turn to get prescription. Using Qwaiting software, they can even modify their request for more time if they’re getting late or can reschedule their bookings for next time.


Patients Wait for Less:

By implementing the amazing features of Qwaiting queue management software, your clinic program can lessen the patients waiting list up to 50%, so staff members spend less time handling the customers & managing the waiting room and more time focusing on delivering quality clinic care services.


Processes are Improved:

Qwaiting analytics provide detailed information about patient behavior, history, and service metrics that can further improve your overall clinic managing process. Gain valuable insights with regular reporting and on-time SMS surveys to recognize areas where processes can be improved or boost for more growth.

Improve Hospital Service

Patients Arrive on Site:

Qwaiting makes it easy for your staff to communicate with patients via text messages, voice calls, and via a monitor in your waiting room. It increases patient engagement and decreases no-shows.

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