Qwaiting Appointments

Take your business to another level with Qwaiting appointments. Flourish more and more with an appointment scheduling solution.

Say big bye to long waiting queues with Qwaiting Appointments. It’s the free customer service booking app that privileges your customers with online appointments and frees them from long annoying waitings. It displays your available time slots to customers and allows them to schedule appointments as per their wish anytime from anywhere. Trigger reminders to customers and staff whenever appointments are booked, rescheduled, or canceled. And the best part is even after getting late, customers will get a priority queue for their scheduled appointment.

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How Qwaiting Application works?

Book Appointments

Customers can themselves make appointments for any of the available services displayed on the slots. They can fix date and time according to the availability of both customers and businesses.

Manages Appointments

Keeps yourself informed and updated regarding customer’s appointments with the help of infused calendar in the Qwaiting appointment app. Accept appointment requests by calling as well. Gives customers preference in the queue even after getting late.

Lend a helping hand to your customers

Upon every scheduled appointment, a notification is sent to the customer via a smart app or SMS to remind them of their appointment. Auto reminders are also sent upon any modification or cancellation of appointments.

Book Appointment

Manages priority queue

Manages appointments by providing priority queue to customers upon late coming on their appointment.

Add improvements via Customer’s Feedback

Request customers for feedback and ratings to make improvements. Enhances customer satisfaction by making quick improvements upon customer’s negative feedback.

Manages priority queue

Key Features

Controlled Scheduling

Help out customers by giving all the required essential information at the time of making a booking. Customers can make, alter and cancel appointments according to their wish.

Real based Insights

Gives you real-time insights into every single aspect of your organization via total analytical reports. You can track and keep a record of all the activities of every single hour, day, month, and year. Real insights help a lot in making improvements.

The ultimate solution for finance

With this app, customers can make bookings remotely for any kind of banking services. It consists of a diverse set of features that enhances customer satisfaction and staff working performance.