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How to Call, Recall, Skip, Move back and transfer the token to another service ?

After the ticket is generated, the queue will be visible on the call screen. The following steps outline the process:

To Call the token:

When the turn arrives, the staff clicks on the NEXT button.

After that, the staff clicks on the START button to initiate the serving time.

Once the process is completed, the staff can end it by clicking on the CLOSE button.

To Transfer the token from one counter to another counter:

 When the call starts, you can also transfer the token number from one service to another service by clicking on the TRANSFER option if required.

Now you can simply transfer the screen by selecting the service type. 

To Recall the token number:

The staff will click on the RECALL button to recall the current serving token number if it has not come when their turn has arrived.

To Skip the token number:                                                                                          Click on the SKIP button, and the missed queue number will show at the bottom of the screen under missed queues.

To call the missed queue again, simply click on the queue number. 

To Move back the token number:

Click on the MOVE BACK option.

The token number will appear at the button of the visitors list.