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What are the types of Queue Management System?

  • Physical management

  • Sign-in sheet

  • Ticket-based management

  • Digital management

  • Automatic queue measurement systems


Physical management: They aimed at guiding queue formation and organizing it in the most efficient way. It limits the way people can move across the location.

Basically, belt barriers act as the simplest crowd control tool, but they are not an effective queue management system.

Sign-in sheet: Visitors fill in a sign-in sheet template and then give the form to a frontline clerk or manager. You can see sign-in sheets 


Ticket-based management: The visitor takes a numbered ticket and waits until the screen displays that particular number. In the case of multiple servers, every server is equipped with a separate screen.


Digital management: Digital queue management allows visitors to take care of registration themselves by entering data. Customization allows different kinds of data to be entered and processed. These types of systems use LCD screens to manage customers by way of indicating their wait time and place in the queue.

Automatic queue measurement systems: These use a variety of measurement technologies that predict and measure queue lengths and waiting times and provide management information to help service levels and resource deployment.