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What are the Features of Qwaiting Software?

  • Location: Qwaiting software can be used over multiple locations with all the provided features.

  • Schedule Appointments: Users can schedule their appointments at a single place with the help of the e-queue- Queue Management Software.

  • UI Design: This software caters a queue management solution with an easy and innovative UI. This enables all the users to use our software with ease and efficiency.

  • Easy to use: Queue management system allows you and your colleagues to start using it today. No training is required for this.

  • Mobile & flexible: Qwaiting software easily engages with your visitors on the shop floor or in the waiting area by sending them SMS and follow-ups.

  • Follow-up: The Qwaiting software take follow-ups through saved emails and phone numbers to get back with the most relevant offers!

  • Real-time overview: Queue management system shows the admin the real-time scenarios which are ongoing at their workplace. 

  • Notifications: The system knows when wait times get long & your help is needed. Users are able to get mobile notifications.

  • Email delivery: Reports delivered to your inbox for the weekly meetings.

  • Export: Even the system allows you to export your data into Excel and take a deeper dive.

  • API integration: Feed all the data into your CRM or BI system.

  • Different Reporting: Different types of reporting that include online as well as historical reporting are included in the features of the software.