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What is the workflow of Qwaiting?

There are three basic steps:

1. Token Generate Screen

2. Call Screen

3. Display Screen

Token Generate Screen: The tokens are generated by using two methods:

  • By using a QR code

  • By using a kiosk machine

In the QR Code, You need to scan the QR code and after that, you need to enter the details.

In the Kiosk Machine, You have to enter the details, and the token is generated. Also, you can print out the token.

After the ticket is generated, you get an SMS notification that the token number is generated. (If SMS is integrated)

Call screen:

The call screen is a digital interface that allows staff to manage service queues efficiently. It provides a detailed glance view at the following things:

  • The currently served token number along with the time of service.

  • The counter number or name.

  • The issue date.

Furthermore, staff have the capability to easily manage the queue by performing actions such as calling the next customer, transferring a customer to another counter, skipping a customer who is not present, recalling a previously missed customer, and customer moving back into the queue.


Next Call: This function allows staff to call the next customer in line once the current customers service is complete.

Transfer: This feature enables staff to transfer a customer to another counter if their service requirements necessitate it, thus saving the customers time by not requiring them to rejoin the queue again.

Skip: If a customer has an appointment but is unable to attend for any reason, staff can skip their turn. The customers token number will then be displayed in the missed queue and shown at the bottom of the signage.

Recall: If a customer with a missed token number returns, staff can use this function to recall the token and provide the service.

Display screen:

In the display screen, the token number will be visible which has been called by the staff along with the counters. You can also see the missed token number at the bottom of the display screen. The system has the ability to announce the token number with the audio sound.