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How the queue Managementt System works?

There are four steps for the basic Queue Management System.
  • Customer Welcome Screen

  • Notifications

  • Token Screen Display

  • Token Calling Screen

Dispensing Machine

  1. Customers will see dispensing machines.

  2. Customers need to submit the details.

  3. A token is generated which contains all the information of the service picked by the user.

  4. Customers can easily get print tickets from the dispensing machine.


  1. After getting a token, customers will get a notification through SMS on their registered mobile number.

  2. It will inform them about their queue number, estimated waiting time and the remaining time.

Token Display Screen

  1. Customers will be able to track their token number on the display screen with the counter or room numbers.

  2. It also shows statistical reports on the performance of various departments

  3. The system announces the token number with a tone.

  4. It will also track coming up token numbers with the counter or room numbers.

Token Calling Screen

  1. Admin/Staff will be able to see the token calling screen.

  2. They can see the current serving customer with its serving time.

  3. They can check the total served and performance status provided by the last customer.

  4. They are able to call the next customer, Recall it, Transfer the customer, Start the conversion, close the current call.

  5. They are also able to add any visitor manually through their system.