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How to add category?

To add the category follow the steps given below:

Go to the Home page>> Category >> Click on the Add option.

In Category, there are three Levels- Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 which denote the main service, sub-service, and sub-sub service. After categorizing the category, you can add the acronym, start and end time, on which screen you want to display the category, and more.


  1. Category:- Basically it is a service type that a business is offering.

  2. Acronym:- In this option, a user can create a prefix for the category in the form of a single word.

  3. Start and End time:- In this option, a user can mention the start and end time for the particular service category.

  4. Maximum limit:- In this option, a user can set how many tokens they want to generate for a particular category.

  5. Display on Transfer & Ticket Screen:-Transfer display can be transferred to other staff counter members or one service to another. This screen is for administrative work. But the ticket screen can be shared or shown to the general customers.

  6. Display on Backend & Online Appointment Screen:- In this option, you can select that category will be visible on backend appointment which is only for staff or public appointment screen.

  7. Category Priority:- In this option, a user can set the priority to a particular category as per preference.

Also, you can add the icon in the category by clicking on the setting option and upload the icon easily. Lastly, click on the save changes option.

To review the icons are correctly uploaded, you can open the ticket screen.